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Megan Fox London Transformers 2 Premier

This was one of the stops on the transformer 2 tour. For sure one of my favorite looks of the tour. The rain may have been hard on hair but i loved the moist glow of megans skin. A sexy smokey eye and a sheer lip.

The infamous “Rose Boy” incident – it was loud, bright and crowded as megan returned to the hotel after premiere. She never saw the boy offering the rose – but the media decided to paint a picture of insensitivity onto megan and next thing we knew this boy was getting his 15 minutes plus. Front page news and onto prime time television. crazy….

Megan Fox Transformers 2 Tour

First stop was Tokyo. Here i gave megan a sculpted elongated cateye in aubergine liner and shadows. The lips are an deepened rosey liptone, in sheer stain.

Berlin was all about sculpting and contouring Megans face with bronzes and russet tones.

Moscow was the last stop of the tour, I went with clean face and eyes, and a strong fushia lipstick. Clean “old hollywood”. Megan always loves a strong brow and lash. I really learned alot about false lashes with her.